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Meet Duo!

We are a complete live marketing agency, with an all-around operation: planning, creation, content and production of various types of events and brand experiences.


Doing it together

We believe that the philosophy of doing it together (=duo) is the key to a successful project.

We establish a close agency-client connection while partnering with the best suppliers that excel on fronts such as media planning and execution, graphic projects, digital platforms, business insights, among others.


Our background

Composed of experiences of brand B to B and B to C, with wide diversity in the types of events, such as awards, conventions, fairs, festivals, shows, brand activation, product launches, road shows, exhibitions, parties. In a myriad of segments, such as fashion, luxury, healthcare, sustainability, financial, education, real estate, technology, and others.

Online and face-to-face events

Active in the market since 2015, Duo, during the pandemic, developed and strengthened its
"online" pillar, becoming even more complete by addressing the unmet needs of its customers
through also delivering virtual events and, since 2021, some already in a hybrid format.

Our clients

Opening hours

Mon to Fri; 09h - 18h


Rua Professor Alexandre Correia, 169 – Ed Fabíola

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